Ballot Argument opposing Measure E submitted.

This ballot argument will be published in the official voter pamphlet.

Remember to vote No on Measue E on November 7. Say Enough Already to redundant taxes.


Just Say NO to Redundant Taxes.

Starting in 2017, every parcel in the entire Bay Area will pay an annual twenty year, $12 parcel tax to the regional San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority for the same flood control and wetlands protections Measure E claims to address.

Another Tax! Really?

County of Marin homeowners pay the highest average property tax in California. Part of our basic property tax already pays for flood control. Since 1984, we’ve paid an additional annual assessment of up to $37 for single family homes and $200 for multi-family units. Commercial properties currently pay as much as $522. Nearly every property owner’s special flood control tax bill at least doubles under this ill-advised measure.

We Already Pay for Flood Control

We already pay more than $2,000,000 annually for flood control. That doesn’t include our share of the new $25,000,000 regional tax. With over $1,500,000 in reserves, the Flood Zone can fund emergencies, perform repairs and attract State and/or Federal grants. If that’s not enough, the bureaucrats should sharpen their pencils and prioritize safety over pet projects.

Highway 37 Flooding Is Not Our Zone’s Responsibility.

The Zone Engineer reported that Highway 37’s 2017 flood occurred because Caltrans levees failed twice. Keeping Highways passable is the State’s responsibility. California just hiked gas taxes for highway maintenance. Novato’s 2015 sales tax extension covers local road maintenance. Did we mention Measure E is redundant?

Enough Already!

Novato property owners already have as many as 11 extra taxes on their property tax bills. And this would add another. There’s no free lunch—parcel taxes drive up rents and only a few low-income seniors might be exempt. We pay our taxes, and now they want a new tax to pay for what they should already be doing.

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Vote No on Measure E.

Julia Lavaroni – Watchful Citizen
Al Dugan – Former Candidate Marin Board of Supervisors
Toni Shroyer – Businesswoman, Mother
Regina Sun – Watchful Citizen
John Turner-Engineering Firm Owner

3 thoughts on “Ballot Argument opposing Measure E submitted.”

  1. Here’s the No on Measure E rebuttal to Proponents Yes on Measure E Argument.

    The Yes on Flood Tax Argument uses scare tactics to sell a tax. We use FACTS from County reports and validated tax figures to educate and empower.

    The pro argument is not well grounded in fact.

    After reading the Staff Reports, we have to wonder how proponents reach their conclusions.

    • Highway 37 Flooding was neither The Zone’s nor Novato taxpayer’s responsibility.
    • Zone levees performed well – water did not need to be released into seasonal flood basins because levels were manageable.
    • The Zone has already applied for special project funds from FEMA, FERP and LLAP.

    Proponents obviously haven’t investigated what money is available for flood control:

    • $1,500,000 in Zone reserves for FLOOD CONTROL
    • $2,000,000 annual revenue for FLOOD CONTROL
    • $25,000,000 annual revenue for Bay Area FLOOD CONTROL & Habitat Restoration

    Did Pro-tax proponents even seek SPECIAL PROJECT FUNDING?

    • Critical flood prevention measures should get priority funding in yearly budget allocations. They happen every Spring!
    • Special flood and habitat restoration projects are exactly what you already pay for with the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority tax starting this calendar year.
    • The Zone has income from the Stonetree driving range which leases our Seasonal Flood Plain.

    This is an old fashioned shake down, Novato. Don’t buy it! Visit to calculate online the effect on your tax bill and read our researched and source referenced information on why this tax is an unnecessary tax grab.
    Vote No on Measure E.

    Julia Lavaroni – Watchful Citizen
    Al Dugan – Former Candidate Marin County Board of Supervisors
    Toni Shroyer – Businesswoman, mother
    John Turner – Engineering Firm Owner
    Regina Sun-Watchful Citizen

  2. Marin IJ Letter to the Editor dated August 4, 2015


    I was disappointed the board approved the Novato Flood Parcel Tax to be added to the ballot. With a county budget of approximately $530M the fact the Marin County can’t find $1.2M a year to fix an issue as important as flooding is a sad statement.

    This is a never ending death by a thousand add ons on parcel taxes with no end in sight. My add ons had reached 39% of my property tax before the $200 the Novato school district tax is adding.

    We can find money for bike projects, that benefit just a few citizens, but can’t find funds for a flood issue. Sad day; sad statement.

    Al Dugan

  3. I agree totally with the assessment you made. Are these people who make these decisions voted in by the voters or are they appointed cronies looking for easy money off the public trough?
    I live on a fixed income. I no longer have children in the Novato school system. I am going to opt out of paying any more taxes for a failing education system for many parents and children.
    There is a good possibility I will moving to Sierra County. Property and taxes are better managed and affordable. Marin is getting too touchy-feely with my money.

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